Value for the Earth


We strive to protect and use the planet’s resources effectively.

Our packages offer value for the future of the Earth by reducing
environmental impact and contributing to a circular economy.

Value for the Earth

Making all packages more sustainable

We take global warming, plastic waste, food loss, and other social problems seriously, and we are therefore contributing to the development of sustainable business by customers through environmentally friendly packages.


Throughout the life cycle of customer products, we use optimized package designs and sustainable resources to propose environmentally friendly packages that reduce the environmental impact of products while facilitating growth of the customer’s business.



We are working on the effective use of recycled or biomass materials to reduce the consumption of petroleum resources.
We are also promoting the use of paper from responsible sources for conservation of forest resources.

Use of paper under guideline of council

Packages made from certified wood and thinned woods.

Utilizing recycled materials

Packages that use recycled materials.

Switching to Paper Packaging

Packages that contribute to reduction of plastic used.

Utilizing biomass plastic

Packages that use plant-derived biomass plastics.


Design & Manufacturing

Instead of reducing the volume too much and impairing the function of packages, we consider how to design our products so that they are easy to use and maintain the quality of the contents as we strive to reduce their environmental impact throughout the product life cycle.


Packages that reduce raw materials and environmental impact while maintaining and improving functions.

Optimizing manufacturing methods

Packages made using optimal methods that help reduce environmental impact.



We propose packages that are not only easy for consumers to use but also help to lower environmental impact—including the amount of energy and water consumed on use—and reduce food loss.

Can be heated in microwave ovens

Packages that contribute to reduced energy and water consumption during use.

Reducing food loss

Packages that help to reduce food loss by extending shelf lives, reducing leftover content, and separating food into small portions.

Recycling &

Recycling & Disposal

We aim to provide packages that offer value even after they are used. By striving to improve recyclability and establish recycling schemes, we are also contributing to the achievement of a circular economy.

Improving recyclability

Packages that are easy to recycle.

Quantitative Assessment


We propose eco-friendly packaging based on quantitative assessment of environmental impact using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology.

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