We provide value through the entire supply chain, including everything from customer product development to sales.

Product Planning

Product Planning

In terms of product planning and marketing activities, we research and compile reports on packaging to propose functions and technologies necessary for packages to sell in the market.


Packages that use structural design and surface treatment to enhance brand appeal.

Research and reports

Research and reports analyzing markets from a packaging perspective.


Packages that act as the launch pad for promotions.



In addition to package specifications and production equipment that can lead to improved production efficiency, we propose solutions for various challenges faced in manufacturing.

Automation and labor saving

Machinery and packaging that contribute to automation and manpower saving in production settings.

Increased speed

Packages for high-speed filling.

Manufacturing and work efficiency

Packages that enable enhanced operational efficiency in production settings.



We propose optimal packages to help resolve various transportation issues.

Logistical efficiency

Packages optimized according to transportation conditions.

Content protection

Packages that minimize the impact of transportation.

Next-generation transportation support

Packages for next-generation transportation methods such as drones.



By proposing packages that help reduce the in-store workload and consider safety and security, we contribute to increased operational efficiency and product protection.

Increased operational efficiency

Packages that enhance the efficiency of store operation.

Business and work support

Packages that support enhanced operational efficiency in stores.

Consideration of safety and security

Packages that help to ensure safety and peace of mind in stores.

Business Trans- formation

Business Trans- formation

We propose solutions to help resolve manufacturing and work-style issues, including both tangible and intangible considerations.

Manufacturing DX

DX solutions that transform manufacturing settings.

Increased business efficiency

Optimal service development and proposals matched to challenges that need solutions.

Toppan promotes the Toppan Digital Transformation concept to help customers achieve business transformation by promoting digitalization of the entire supply chain, including everything from manufacturing to wholesale/retail sales and delivery to consumers.

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