Value for people


Our packages are intended to be easy for anyone
to understand or use.

By offering value to people’s lives, our packages contribute to fulfilling,
comfortable living at every stage from purchasing and use to disposal.

Value for people

We consider packages a communication medium, and we use them to achieve the best possible customer experience by providing optimal value for consumers at every stage, from purchasing to disposal.



As purchasing channels—including stores and electronic commerce—change, we provide function, design, and system creation support aimed at making it easier for consumers to discover and purchase products.

Easy to visually confirm

Easy to recognize packages that catch the eye in stores and on websites.

Easy to search for and identify

Packages that present essential information and the features of the product in a way that is easy to see and understand.

Suitable for every country

Packages that cater to speakers of multiple languages and are accessible to anyone.


Packages that can change to match people's individual tastes or their current condition.



We strive to achieve added value for packages—which are visual, tactile, and ever-changing—and to create experiences and sensations that combine packages with digital elements.

Appealing to all five senses

Packages that are not just visually attractive but also appeal to the five senses in terms of texture, aroma, sound, and flavor.

Expanded experiences

Packages that expand the experience using digital devices.



Enhanced ease of use and understanding with packaging functions and graphics matched to all kinds of usage scenarios.

Easy to use

Packages with shapes and functions that enhance ease of use in consideration of the ways in which products are used.

Easy to understand

Packages that enable clear understanding of usage and disposal methods.

Easy to store

Packages designed to save space when stored and to enable easy removal.



Shapes and structures that enable easy disposal.
Value creation with waste volume reduction based on more eco-friendly materials.

Easy to discard

Packages that reduce the effort required for disposal by being easy to squash or separate.

Reduced waste

Packages designed to reduce unnecessary waste.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

We offer high-quality packages that achieve their intended roles. This includes functionality that protects products and maintains the quality of contents, labelling indicating production region and ingredients, and the provision of information related to counterfeit prevention.

Quality maintenance

Packages that preserve content quality, freshness, and flavor.


Packages that reduce hygiene-related risks such as those presented by bacteria and viruses.

Information disclosure

Packages that display information to reassure consumers, such as manufacturing processes and photographs of product producers.

Injury prevention

Packages designed to reduce the risk of injury in various settings.

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