TOPPAN Total Packaging Solutions

Promotion & CRM

We offer support that includes planning and production related to product promotion. We also run events, design spaces, and implement digital marketing for customer relationship management.

Toppan Solution

We utilize our advanced filling equipment and logistics infrastructure to provide BPO services that optimize the operations of our customers.


We provide ideas and schemes that cover everything from understanding and researching product-creation needs to package design and structure proposals.

Product Planning byTOPPAN

Based on our printing technologies, we develop and provide end-to-end solutions, such as package products—including materials—as well as packaging and filling systems.


We produce various packages, including flexible packaging, folding cartons, composite containers, plastic molded products, and corrugated fiberboard.


We offer support to help our customers digitalize their manufacturing and procurement operations and transform the way they work.

Toppan provides a wide range of solutions
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