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A transparent vapor-deposited barrier film that has a leading share of the global market and is used in more than 45 countries and regions.

Our GL BARRIER lineup encompasses a wide array of variations, including transparent barrier film that offers the world's highest level of performance.
This film has many outstanding properties due to the use of Toppan's original transparent vapor deposition and coating technologies.


The barrier coating layer and inorganic vapor-deposited layer achieve both stable barrier performance and outstanding eco-friendliness.

GL BARRIER consists of a substrate film (PET, PP, PE, or nylon) laminated with a barrier coating layer and an inorganic vapor-deposited barrier layer (alumina or silica).
Due to this outstanding layer structure combining an original coating layer with a high-grade vapor-deposited layer, the film displays stable barrier properties and is easy to use in post-production processes such as printing and laminating.

Excellent Barrier Performance
  • Protects contents from changes in storage conditions, such as moisture absorption, drying, and decomposition.
  • When used as an alternative to aluminum foil, our film can reduce the volume of existing packaging.
  • When used as an alternative to aluminum foil, our film can also reduce the volume of CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing.
  • When used as part of functional monomaterial packaging with outstanding barrier performance, our film can increase recyclability.
  • Our film leaves almost no residue upon being incinerated and does not generate hazardous gas.
Highly Transparent and Non-conductive
  • Metal detectors, microwave ovens, and RFID can be used.
  • Thanks to its transparency, our film can be used to showcase the contents of packages.
Extensive Lineup
  • Various grades are available depending on the purpose of use.
GL BARRIER Applications

Flexible Packaging / Retortable Packaging

The outstanding barrier performance prevents the quality of the contents from deteriorating (due to oxidation, drying, etc.), thereby helping to maintain product value over the long term.


Electronics Packaging

Making the packaging transparent enables people to visually confirm what is inside.
The barrier performance matches that of an aluminum-foil structure to reliably protect the contents.


Packaging for Medical & Pharma Goods

Making the packaging transparent helps to prevent misuse, and the outstanding barrier performance prevents the contents from hardening or deteriorating.



Our film prevents aromas from escaping. It is exceptionally easy to process and is even suitable for forming into spout or tube shapes.


Composite Paper Containers for Liquids (EP-PAK, Cartocan, etc.)

By combining GL BARRIER with paper, our environmentally friendly paper packaging enables the long-term storage of liquid contents.


Chilled or Frozen Food Packaging

The excellent barrier performance prevents the deterioration of the contents (due to oxidation, drying, etc.).

High barrier grade
Boiling and retort grade

A full lineup of GL FILM products with excellent oxygen and water vapor barrier properties is available.

Product name
Applications & features
Oxygen transmission rate (OTR)
Water vapor transmission rate (WVTR)
High Barrier

【Applications & features】Alternative to aluminum foil grade
(Not suitable for liquid contents)

【Applications & features】General use suitable for a wide range of foods, etc.
(Not suitable for liquid contents)

【Applications & features】High moisture barrier grade for general use
(Can be used for liquid contents)

【Applications & features】High retort grade

【Applications & features】High barrier grade (high retort)

GL BARRIER Performance
Comparison of Barrier
Film Performance
Humidity Dependence
Water Evaporation
Prevention Performance
Flex Resistance

We offer an extensive lineup to handle various needs, including both grades that can be used for retort processing and grades that can be used as an alternative to aluminum foil.

Comparison of Barrier Film Performance

Our film is not affected by the temperature of the surrounding environment and demonstrates stable barrier performance.

Temperature Dependence

Our film is not affected by the humidity of the surrounding environment and demonstrates stable barrier performance.

Humidity Dependence

Thanks to its outstanding ability to prevent water evaporation from the contents, our film helps to prevent drying and weight (density) changes.

Water Evaporation Prevention Performance

Our film's outstanding flex resistance enables it to maintain barrier performance even after being bent.

Flex Resistance
Production Site

FUKAYA Factory


Georgia Factory

We have barrier-film manufacturing bases in both Japan and the USA (Georgia), and we have built a system that enables us to stably and quickly deliver products of outstanding quality on a global scale. Our products can be used with peace of mind from the perspective of business continuity planning.

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