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Flexible Packaging


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A transparent barrier film developed based on Toppan's original vapor deposition and coating technologies. Recognized for its outstanding properties, it is used in more than 45 countries and regions around the world for over 15,000 products from 1,500 companies.

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Reacts to moisture and heat to provide an oxygen barrier and is purpose-made for boil retorting.
It adsorbs and reduces odors produced by retorting food.

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This is a transparent high barrier film that has outstanding barrier performance and excellent functionality.

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A barrier film for flexible packaging that retains its barrier performance even under high-temperature and high-humidity conditions.

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Freshness Preserving Agent

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The freshness and quality of contents can be preserved for extended periods of time through combination with GL BARRIER series products.

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Stand-up Pouch

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With excellent in-store visibility, this is a self-stand-up pouch that combines convenience with resource saving.

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Sosogi Jozu

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This is a stand-up pouch designed to enable smooth refilling of contents via a spout which does not close up easily.

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Air Hold Pouch®

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A stand-up pouch with improved stability and an attractive appearance that has been designed to make holding and pouring easier.

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Poly Fastener

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This pouch features a fastener that allows for repeated opening and closing.

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Jo-deki Steam Release Series

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Pouches equipped with an automatic steam-releasing function, allowing food to be heated in microwave ovens while still in the package.

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Jo-deki Smart Deli Bag®

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Microwavable pouches equipped with slide fasteners allow dishes to be prepared by adding fresh ingredients.

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Retort Pouch

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Toppan offers pouches that withstand pressurized and thermal sterilization (retort sterilization).

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Aluminum Deposition Packaging Materials

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Aluminum deposition on paper or film gives added functionality not previously attainable.

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New-L Packaging Material

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Toppan’s experience in resin blending and laminate technologies has led to development of sealant for this packaging material.

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Easy-cut and Easy-opening Packaging Material

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Packaging material possessing technology such as modifications to guide where and in which direction the package is torn open.

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Lid Materials

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Lid materials that combine airtight sealing properties with easy-opening.

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We offer various labels to meet the needs of clients, such as those that communicate the appeal of the product or demonstrate how to use it.

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Modified Atmosphere Packages

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MA packaging preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

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This packaging uses biomass plastic in part, comprised of plant-derived resources.

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Mechanically Recycled PET

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Mechanically recycled PET bottles* contain partially reworked PET plastic.

*Mechanical Recycling: a method of extracting high quality recycled plastic resin. After grinding and washing away grime and removing foreign substances from collected PET bottles, a process is performed under high-temperature decompressed conditions for a fixed time, and contaminants are removed from recycled resin.

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Medical Packaging Materials

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The basic functions of packaging for medical equipment and pharmaceuticals
are to: preserve the efficacy of pharmaceuticals; maintain the safety and cleanliness of equipment; and
allow for a universal design to facilitate ease of use. Toppan has utilized its sophisticated technical
expertise and broad experience to satisfy a wide range of client needs in this area.

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