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Composite Containers


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Cartocan is a small beverage container made of paper. The container can be shipped and stored for long periods at ordinary temperatures, and does not contain aluminum foil or other metals.
Aseptic filling capability inhibits spoiling and maintains flavor.

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The EP-PAK is a paper liquid container and offers long storage periods at ordinary temperatures for a range of contents. Toppan provides the best packaging solution for liquids with leading-edge production system development and sales.

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EP-PAK "Oru-cut" and "Toru-cap"

This is an environmentally friendly package that is easy to tear by hand and recycle. Ease of separation and disposal is further enhanced by adding a cap that can be removed easily by hand to the Fold & Tear EP-PAK.

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Pouches with Spouts

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A spout added to a conventional stand-up pouch, making it reclosable for added convenience.

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The TL-PAK consists of a dual-layer plastic film interior and an exterior made from corrugated board. Aseptic and non-aseptic filling systems are available.

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TT Paper Can

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A completely sealed paper-based container with excellent moisture proofing and aroma retention.

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Bottled Pouch®

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This beverage container is comprised of a flexible pouch with an attached drinking spout.
We offer an integrated system from pouch manufacture to filling and delivery.

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Contract Filling Operations

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