We design the fulfilling lifestyle of the future through our packages.
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TOPPAN Packaging Core Value
Core Value

To help achieve a sustainable society, we are
creating value that considers the future of people,
society, and the planet.

Plants &

Both within Japan and abroad, we utilize our package production and sales
network to provide solutions aimed at helping our customers with global
procurement and production in the optimal location.

Co-Creation Space “ L・IF・E ”
Co-Creation Space “ L・IF・E ”
Co-Creation Space “ L・IF・E ”

This is a co-creation space showcasing Toppan’s packaging, décor materials, and wide-ranging other solutions.
We shape and create the future of “life” together with customers based on ideas beginning with “if.”

L・IF・E website
Toppan provides a wide range of solutions
for packaging.
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