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Transparent barrier films prevent permeation of gases including water vapor and oxygen. “GL FILM” delivers superior barrier performance attained through a combination of vapor deposition and coating technologies.
GL FILM boasts the world's largest share in the transparent vapor deposition film market and is sold worldwide, mainly for packaging material applications.
In addition,our new product, “PRIME BARRIER ®”, features both unprecedented superb functionality and outstanding barrier performance. lt is utilized in a wide variety of applications including materials for medical and pharmaceutical packaging and functional components of electronic devices.

FS-ZEO Zeolite Functional Paper

Function of barrier films

The purpose of gas barrier performance is to prevent the content inside from changing and degrading in quality due to the water and oxygen entering or leaving.
Films featuring such gas barrier performance are called barrier films.

Schematic of barrier peformance

What are transparent vapor deposition films ?

Transparent vapor deposition films are functional films coated with inorganic film on the surface through vapor deposition processing.
Toppan's transparent vapor deposition films, GL FILM and PRIME BARRIER ®, have an inorganic vapor deposition barrier layer (alumina, silicon oxide, etc.) and coating barrier layer on the substrate film (PET, nylon, etc.) (Refer to the schematic below). The multiple layer structure exhibits superb functionality combining Toppan's original coating layer and high-quality vapor deposition layer. This structure enables stable barrier performance and facilitates backend processes including printing and lamination.

Schematic of barrier peformance

Features of Toppan's transparent vapor deposition film

Superior barrier peformance

  • Superior gas and water vapor barrier performance protects products from any deterioration (e.g. corrosion, rot, moisture absorption, drying and oxidation).
  • The barrier performance is highly stable even under severe usage conditions such as high temperature and humidity.

Eco-friendly material

  • As it does not contain chlorine, it enables safe and low cost incineration (not producing any noxious gas).
  • The number of layers in the structure and total volume of CO2 emissions can be reduced by replacing the conventionally used aluminum foil with transparent vapor deposition film.

Superior transparency

  • Content inside can be visibly confirmed when used as a packaging material.

Permeability to 
electromagnetic waves

  • Food can be heated and cooked in microwave oven while still in the pouch.
  • It does not interfere with any radio communication from IC tags, etc.
  • X-ray inspections of packed goods are possible. Detection of metallic foreign bodies is easy.

Departure from aluminum foil usage to reduce packaging volume Replacing aluminum foil with GL FILM can reduce packaging weight and volume while maintaining barrier performance.

Departure from aluminum foil usage to reduce packageing volume

Comparison with other barrier films

Certain films other than transparent vapor deposition films are also categorized as barrier films: barrier resin film (EVOH,PVA,Barrier Ny),barrier resin coat film (PVDC) and other non transparent types including aluminum foil and aluminum vapor deposition film.
Transparent vapor deposition films feature both high barrier performance and transparency.

Comparison of barrier film performance

Comparison of barrier film performance

Comparison of barrier performance

Comparison of barrier performance

Barrier performance and applications

Toppan has a lineup of various transparent vapor deposition products for different applications.
We can respond to diverse market needs with different performance requirements.

Barrier performance and applications

Examples of applications in the fields of electronics and industrial materials

  • Electronics packaging materials
    Electronics packaging materials for intermediate transportation.
    Various types of transparent vapor deposition films including GL FILM protect electronic components vulnerable to oxygen, water vapor, particles,chemicals and static electricity.

Electronics packaging materials

Electronics packaging materials

  • Protection layer for display / light emitting devices
    Applications could be extended to a light and flexible protection layer for light emitting elements or display devices including organic EL or electronic paper, which require superior barrier performance.
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