Interzum 2019 - The world meets in Cologne, Germany

Save the date: 21-24 / 05 / 2019
Hall 6.1 Stand A040-B049

Toppan and Decotec will hold a joint exhibition at the next Interzum 2019 for the first time.
We are delighted to invite you to our stand at the Interzum trade fair,
the international meeting point for the furniture industry in Cologne,
where we will present the new range of designs and products.
We look forward to having you join us.

  • [urban]Voyager[urban]Voyager

  • Urban Voyager appeals to the pleasure of travelling, to the constant transit of our daily routine. It connects with Generation Z, digital natives who have built a nomadic community for themselves.
    Trips for pleasure or for business which connect us to new people, enable us to broaden our horizons and to discover unexplored territories. It tells us about an era when the local and global are very present in our lives.
    A universal pilgrimage enriched by influences from near and far and that the limits of our knowledge.

    The concept of community and sharing spaces are ever-present, with concepts such as co-working and co-living which are now a reality in our daily lives.
    In this age of collaboration in all areas of life, sharing information via different media is fundamental in a worldincreasingly interconnected.

    [well] Being
  • [modern]Legacy[modern]Legacy

    Modern Legacy recovers scenes from the past.
    The Millennials and Generation Z grew up in an era considered globally as very convulsive, both politically and economically.
    Therefore, they appreciate the value of classic brands and their iconic models, which have risen with renewed vigour again and again.
    These brands and their traditional values are familiar to us, they transmit hope and security.
    In this context, comfort and stability have become a luxury.

  • This trend takes its inspiration from the architectural movement of Le Corbusier, based on purity, but also adapted to current trends and contemporary needs from a more sober perspective.
    Marble, natural stone and cement change texture and colour in a new context.

  • [re]Generation[re]Generation

    (Re) Generation connects with a more conscious way of living and consuming. It is` committed to the environment and the protection of natural spaces able to generate wellbeing.
    In line with the Me to We Movement, a global current that supports socially responsible products.

  • Consumers increasingly seek to cover their basic needs with products that generate minimum waste and have the least possible impact on nature.
    They opt for a sustainable lifestyle, in which fewer and fewer items are thrown away and the range of single-use products is constrained.


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