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Toppan's 110-year Journey The effects that ensued after the bursting of the bubble economy were an enormous weight on the Japanese economy.


Ecology Center opened

Collection and reprinting of Best 100 Posters of Japan completed

1993 Tokyo Metropolitan Prepress Toppan Co., Ltd. established in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Itabashi Ward as "third-sector" corporation employing persons with disabilities

Honjo GC Building completed, Toppan Prepress Center opened

Cyber Publishing Japan, an Internet-based shopping mall experiment, begun

1995 Collection and reprinting of Best 100 Posters from Europe & the United States completed

Sales start of Cartocan paper-based beverage containers

Best 100 Posters from Europe & the United States wins the Mécénat International Award at the 1996 Mécénat Awards

1997 Sakado Plant completed and opened
1998 Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. listed on the First Section of the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
1999 Bitway digital content distribution service launched

Honjo GC Building with eight above-ground floors and one basement floor (1994) Cartocan paper-based beverage containers, an alternative to metal cans (1996)

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