Developing homes and communities with printing technologies

Since the late 20th century, the growth of industrialized residential construction has enabled people in Japan to live comfortably in high-performance homes. As time passes by, fewer and fewer new houses are being built, even as people’s lifestyles have become diversified.

Changes in demographics and tastes have brought about different housing needs; some ask for high flexibility in design, some for barrier-free constructions with enhanced accessibility, and some for energy saving. Toppan’s printing technologies have been fulfilling an important role in catering to the needs of homes and communities.

They are used for the manufacture of décor sheets and other materials for buildings and furniture.

We specialize in creating wood-grain prints and high-function wall and floor materials.
With the addition of communications technology, Toppan has become a total solution provider bringing new value to homes and communities.

Let us show you how Toppan expanded into the living environment industry from our work with décor materials.

Home and community development powered by design and technology

60 years ago, we began our décor materials business by producing furniture surfacing materials, and from there we continued to grow as the industrialized residential construction market expanded.

Toppan’s unique strength in design originates from our company’s experience in global marketing. Our wood-grain and other décor sheets showcase elaborate printing techniques, providing colors and textures in step with current trends and helping to create rich living spaces.

Technology is another of our strengths. Durability and safety are crucial for décor materials.
In 1995, Toppan manufactured the world’s first non-PVC ecological sheet, the Eco Sheet. With ongoing improvements in functionality and performance, the Eco Sheet continues to be an industry leader.

In recent years, the Eco Sheet has come to be used not only in housing but also in public buildings, shops, and exteriors. Toppan continues to manufacture superior décor materials while meeting stringent fire resistance and other regulations and catering to diverse and sophisticated needs.

Toppan materials used during work to protect a riverbank 25 years ago have sustained no notable loss or change of color and pay testament to the high performance of our products.

As a result of our relentless efforts, Smart NANO technology was born. Décor sheets with Smart NANO technology have double the surface strength and scratch and stain resistance of conventional products, offering the world’s highest levels of functionality.

These are just a few examples of how Toppan has been supporting home and community development with designs that reflect current trends and quality assurance underpinned by extensive technical expertise.

Advancing the future of living spaces with printing technologies

Toppan’s work in living spaces does not end with décor materials. We are moving towards a new horizon enabled by printing technologies.

LC MAGIC, enabled by technology in the field of electronics, is a light control film that can switch from transparent to non-transparent in an instant. In addition to privacy protection and space design, it is expected to be used in the automotive and aviation fields.

Beyond this, Toppan is combining décor material, security, and visualization technologies to create superior communication systems and services that change the way we live.

A typical example of this is the electronic key system used in some condominiums, where the keys have embedded IC chips with individual authentication functions. This system simultaneously enables high security, electronic payments using apps, application procedures for the use of facilities, and communication between residents. It helps foster the local community while providing a service tailored to the individual.

Toppan has also developed SensingWave, a monitoring system for the nursing care industry that does not need to be worn. The sheet sensor can be placed under a mattress to measure vital signs and report the sleep patterns of individuals in real time. This remote monitoring facilitates more efficient caregiving.

Toppan’s total solutions for designing living environments

People desire safe and comfortable living environments that cater to their individual needs. Toppan’s work is not complete when the building is built. Our mission is to continuously support the lives of people while improving their homes and communities with comprehensive solutions that exploit our printing technologies.

Creating the comfortable environments of tomorrow.

Toppan aims to provide design solutions for living spaces. With our unique printing technologies, we innovate to create comfortable environments and communities, offering solutions in mobility, ecology, energy, healthcare, security and education.

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