The challenge of “healthspan” in Japan, the nation with the longest life expectancy

At 84 years, Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world. This has been true since the eighties.
Did you know that 200 years ago Japan used to have a short life expectancy, with an average of just 30 years?

Behind this extended life expectancy lay the development of antibiotics and other medical advancements, changes in eating habits, and widely available medical insurance. The people and the nation worked together.
However, although lifespans increased due to medical advances, new challenges arose in the form of increases in lifestyle diseases, mental disorders, and rising demand for nursing care for the elderly.

This means that there can be a considerable difference between lifespan and the amount of time for which people enjoy healthy lives, known as “healthspan.”
With people living longer, this is the challenge now facing Japan.
Japan’s working-age population peaked in the nineties. One out of four people is now aged over 65, and by 2025, this age demographic will comprise 30% of the population.

Japan is becoming a super-aged society with high social insurance, medical, and care costs for the elderly.
In the face of this future, what can Toppan do as a leader in the field of printing technologies?
Please take a look at Toppan’s efforts to address our nation’s health challenges as we blaze a new trail in the name of “healthspan.”

Innovating healthcare in ways only a printing company can

Some people may be curious as to why a printing company like Toppan would be tackling health challenges. But the answer is simple. To support people’s health, expertise in the appropriate management and communication of health and medical history information is critical.

Since our founding, we have helped to create communication solutions through planning, production, and application in a variety of fields. Some examples of this in action are creative design that enables ease of understanding, security for the management of personal and other information, and management functions to ensure that businesses run smoothly.

Toppan can help make the future of rapidly aging Japan brighter with the power of communication—with the power of our printing technologies. With this belief, we began to work on the challenges of creating a healthier society.

Promoting health in an enjoyable way by making achievements visible: “How far did I walk today?”

Toppan has created many ways to promote health, one of which involves public-private partnership in healthcare business. The “Health Rewards Program” is an example of one of our successful projects.

In the Health Rewards Program, participants are provided with a pedometer that they carry with them while they walk. Participants earn points with every step they take, making them eligible to win prizes in draws.

Making their efforts visible encourages people. This program not only enables people to enhance their health with a sense of enjoyment as part of their everyday lives, but also enlivens shops and the local community.

The birth of health tourism

While the Health Rewards Program is bringing community and health together, Health Tourism is fusing sightseeing with health.

Working together, Toppan and local governments have found ways to leverage local tourism resources and involve residents and businesses in new health and tourism programs.

In Minakami, Gunma, programs for visitors from big cities are being developed so that they can enjoy healthy activities while staying in the beautiful countryside.

Based on communication on a regional scale, we are taking specific steps with consideration for the best way to enhance health in each location. Toppan knows how to make this happen. And now, this movement is spreading all over Japan as it brings people together, creating healthier lives for the future.

Toppan’s healthcare business: Taking a multi-dimensional approach to better health

In addition to such region-specific efforts, Toppan approaches health promotion, disease prevention, and presymptomatic disease from various perspectives. As a specialist in printing technologies and communication, what unique insights and strengths can Toppan provide?

First, Toppan believes strongly in changing individuals’ attitudes towards health. No matter how far medical technology advances, if individuals do not change their attitudes and behavior, society will not become healthier as a whole. Toppan’s extensive experience and expertise in sales promotion, attracting consumers to stores, and managing customers can make a key contribution. We know how to reach individuals, encouraging them to change their behavior and develop new habits that lead to healthier living.

When dealing with the health and medical care of individuals, the protection of privacy is critical. Toppan has a strong track record in providing financial institutions and other businesses with security technologies and systems of the highest level. Because of this, we can offer an extensive range of security solutions.

Another Toppan strength is the advanced technologies we have developed to support the medical field based on our printing expertise. These include protective packaging for medicines and medical devices, labels to ensure that medicines are taken properly, and a gene analysis system that can help with early cancer detection.

Japan is heading straight into the super-aged era. By leveraging its strengths as a printing company in the healthcare field, Toppan is striving to help create a better future.
Toppan is committed to realizing a future where individuals’ thoughts and actions are aimed at living a full, healthy life, and communities and society actively support people’s wellbeing.

The future created by printing technologies for homes and communities