Interactive Toppan Group Anzen Dojo facilities opened in Thailand and China as part of efforts to enhance safety training overseas

 Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toppan Printing; head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President & Representative Director: Shingo Kaneko) opened its first Toppan Group Anzen Dojo, an interactive safety training facility, in 2010 to enhance employees’ sensitivity to danger and hazards.

 The company is now expanding Anzen Dojos to its overseas sites. Facilities have been opened at overseas packaging subsidiaries Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd. (hereafter Siam Toppan; head office: Samut Prakan, Thailand; President: Satoshi Kawada), in October 2017, and Toppan Leefung Packaging & Printing (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toppan Leefung (Dongguan); head office: Guangdong, China; Chairman: Steven Lo), in January 2018. Toppan Printing plans to open additional Anzen Dojo facilities at overseas sites in the future and enhance safety training for employees at each location.

 The Toppan Group Anzen Dojos opened at overseas sites aim to strengthen safety training for local employees through interactive learning that helps participants experience potential hazards, thus raising the level of safety awareness of every employee. Specifically, this is done using simulators demonstrating the dangers of rollers and presses, indicating the locations of potential dangers in each process and on each machine, and making hazards visible with models of printing presses and processing equipment.

 Toppan Printing undertakes health and safety activities based on its Basic Policy on Health and Safety, established in June 2010. The number of occupational accidents at the company decreased by about 30% between 2010 and 2017. Toppan Printing will continue to enhance safety training in Japan and overseas, uniting the entire Toppan Group in efforts to raise the safety awareness of every employee.

Toppan Group Anzen Dojo safety training facilities opened at Siam Toppan (left) and Toppan Leefung (Dongguan) (right)
Toppan Group Anzen Dojo safety training facilities opened at Siam Toppan (left) and Toppan Leefung (Dongguan) (right)


 In recent years, advances in manufacturing processes and reduction of manpower due to the introduction of AI, IoT, and other technologies at production sites in manufacturing industries have meant that the sources of dangers and hazards are more difficult to see and people’s sensitivity to them has become diminished. Another issue is a decreasing level of awareness of danger among younger employees, which is due to such factors as safe educational environments from which sources of danger have been removed since childhood and insufficient passing on of expertise as a result of the baby boomer generation and other veteran employees retiring.

 To address these issues, there is a need to nurture sensitivity to danger through hands-on training that prevents occupational and equipment accidents by raising the safety awareness of every employee.

 Toppan Printing is committed to putting safety first and engages the entire company in safety training, using Toppan Group Anzen Dojos to train people to have a high level of awareness of safety and maintain working environments in which employees can work with peace of mind.

 The company has now opened Anzen Dojo facilities at Siam Toppan and Toppan Leefung to advance health and safety activities at its overseas locations. 

Simulators and displays

Siam Toppan:

Models including offset press, processing equipment (die cutting, corrugated fiberboard manufacture, die making, laminating, sack making, liquid lamination, etc.), and firefighting equipment, and panels on potentially hazardous locations for each process.

Toppan Leefung (Dongguan):

Roller hazard simulator, V-belt and chain hazard simulator, air pressure hazard simulator, human error simulator.

About Toppan Group Anzen Dojo

 In 2010, Toppan Printing opened the Toppan Group Anzen Dojo, an interactive safety training facility, at the Toppan Kawaguchi Training Center in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. In addition to the original facility, there are now similar facilities at the company’s Takino Plant in Kato, Hyogo Prefecture, and Fukuoka Plant in Koga, Fukuoka Prefecture. As of 2017, a cumulative total of approximately 25,000 people from inside and outside the company had undertaken training at the facilities.

 Through hands-on learning about health, safety, and fire prevention, Anzen Dojos provide training that participants can apply to make improvements in their own workplaces.

 The facilities have also provided this kind of safety training for employees of about 280 companies outside the group.

Inside the Toppan Group Anzen Dojo (left). Hands-on training being conducted (right)
Inside the Toppan Group Anzen Dojo (left). Hands-on training being conducted (right)

Future objectives

 Toppan Printing will continue to strengthen safety training for its sites throughout the world and further expand Anzen Dojo facilities overseas. 

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