Paper-like, Next Generation
Display Technology,
Electronic Paper Display

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) is a next generation display medium that features the readability of paper and the ability to be rewritten like an Electronic Display.
TOPPAN provides EPD panels & solutions for Industrial applications

Key Features of EPD

  • point01 Ultra Low Power Consumption

    Once displayed, EPD does not require power to retain the image (bistability), drastically reducing power consumption compared to other displays.

  • point02 Paper-like Readability

    EPD is a fully reflective display technology, with near 180 degree viewing angle, high contrast and excellent readability under sunlight.

  • point03 Thin & Light Form Factor

    The display material of EPD consisting of a film based frontplane laminate, together with no need for a polarizer & backlight, enables a thin & light from factor.

Comparison of Characteristics of Various Display Technologies

Readability Weight Rewritability Color Video
Indoor Outdoor
(under development)

Key Features of EPD

Key benefits of EPD enable applications in various use cases

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Educational
  • Medical
  • Logistics
  • Manufacture
  • Public
  • Outdoors


  • Rail-type ESL An Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) that features flexible EPD to show information on the whole shelf edge area. It is possible to apply color filters to achieve partial color.

    Dot Matrix EPD
  • Signage for Disaster Preparedness Joint research with the International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS) at Tohoku University on applying EPD signage for local disaster preparedness.

    Dot Matrix EPD
  • Batteryless NFC Display Tag NFC A small batteryless EPD tag that rewrites and maintains images, utilizing NFC Type A contactless communication for power & data. Dot matrix EPD allows freedom of layout.

    Dot Matrix EPD
  • Wireless LAN EPD Device A wireless LAN device that enables visualization of data at the manufacturing workplace. Although EPD is “always on,” device only draws power for rewriting and communication, resulting in long battery life.

    Dot Matrix EPD
  • Electronic Paper POP A thin POP that consumes very little power. Driven by battery or solar, no power cables are needed. Blinking EPD creates eye-catching effect.

    Segmented EPD
  • EPD Earrings Earrings that feature EPD can be changed to match your mood of the day (above is a CG rendition of a prototype).
    Click here for details (in Japanese).

    Segmented EPD

How E Ink Works

TOPPAN uses Microencapsulated Electrophoretic Technology from E Ink for its EPD

Charged black & white pigments are moved up or down by electric field created between common & pixel electrodes.

Segmented EDP

  • Electrodes are in a fixed pattern
  • The electrodes are shaped to realize the characters or pictograms to be shown
  • Typical patterns of electrodes
    7 Segments: Numbers
    14 Segments: Alphanumeric

[Typical usages for Segmented displays]
For LCD, numbers etc.
on calculators or watches

Display by segmented electrodes
Sample of Smart Key
Sample of Area Color EPD

Dot Matrix (TFT-type) EDP

  • Can show arbitrary character or graphics by pixels
  • The screen is composed of pixels of a vertical & horizontal array
  • A pixel is at the intersection of the array Typically driven by TFT backplane (TFT: Thin Film Transistor)

[Typical usages of Dot Matrix displays]
For LCD, TVs, smartphones or most pixelated displays

Character displayed on dot matrix
Samples of Dot Matrix EPD
TOPPAN distributes EPD that use E Ink display material and are produced by

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