Based on the concept of respect for people, all of us at Toppan and our entire supply chain strive to engage in business activities that give full consideration to human rights.

Respecting Basic Human Rights

Toppan operates business based on the fundamental concept of respect for people. The Conduct Guidelines, which set out behavioral norms for Toppan personnel, call for respecting basic human rights (respecting personal qualities and individuality; prohibiting discrimination and harassment; prohibiting child labor and forced labor; compliance with laws and regulations). The Group conducts education on basic human rights and harassment in rank-based training for employees to prevent issues from arising.

To disseminate initiatives for respecting human rights throughout the entire supply chain, Toppan has set forth an article on respecting basic human rights in the Group’s CSR Procurement Guidelines and asks business partners to comply with this provision.

Initiatives for Respecting Basic Human Rights