Toppan maintains a core structure to ensure employee awareness, organization-wide dissemination and fulfillment of its social responsibilities.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance provides the foundation for Toppan’s approach to the seven core subjects defined in ISO 26000.

Toppan has strengthened its governance structure through the establishment of a Management Audit Office, Compliance Department, and Ecology Center under the purview of a Board of Corporate Auditors in accordance with the Companies Act of Japan with the aim of maximizing the corporate value of the entire Group under the Related Company Administration Regulations prescribed for the advancement of fair management.

Toppan’s Corporate Governance Structure

CSR Promotion Structure

CSR Promotion Structure

Under the President & Representative Director and the Director in charge of CSR, head office divisions collaborate to promote CSR activities.

Annual action plans are devised, and CSR Promotion Department Meetings are held regularly to report progress in each division, share and discuss ways to resolve issues, and discuss CSR related trends in society. Through this mechanism, Toppan strives to continuously increase awareness about social responsibilities within the Company and constantly upgrade its CSR activities.

Risk Management Structure

Toppan manages risk comprehensively to avoid risk and minimize the losses incurred when events at risk occur. The Rules on Risk Management have been established to address matters regarding risk avoidance and minimization of loss when an event at risk occurs. In accordance with these rules, the Company has set up a risk management structure under which the responsibilities for risk management are allotted to specific divisions in the head office based on the types of risk involved. Under this structure, the directors in charge of each relevant division are responsible for taking measures to prevent, avoid, and correct each type of risk.

Toppan reviews risks to be managed once a year and examines countermeasures to be taken in line with the rules.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

In anticipation of earthquakes and other major disasters that may interrupt operations, Toppan has formulated business continuity plans (BCPs) to enable resumption of business operations as rapidly as possible. To give concrete form to BCPs, Toppan has instituted comprehensive activities for business continuity management (BCM). By constant improvement through the implementation of precautionary measures, educational and training programs, self-evaluation, and other measures, Toppan seeks to secure Group-wide competence for business continuity while coexisting with society.