Toppan’s Conduct Guidelines indicate how employees should act based on legal compliance and our Corporate Philosophy. Based on these guidelines, we work to further reinforce compliance and promote CSR throughout the entire supply chain.

Disseminating the Conduct Guidelines

Toppan’s Conduct Guidelines ensure that business practices adhere to the Corporate Philosophy and the spirit of compliance with laws and regulations. Supervisors and workplace leaders at each of our operational sites are tasked with proactively disseminating the Conduct Guidelines. The workplace leaders formulate annual action plans and engage in activities designed to increase awareness.

Structure to Promote the Conduct Guidenline

Toppan Group Helpline

It is our policy that any employee who discovers a legal or regulatory violation or unlawful act should report and discuss it with his or her immediate supervisor. If this fails to resolve the problem, however, the Toppan Group Helpline serves as an internal reporting system available to all employees of the group, including part-timers and dispatched staff.

Compliance Education

Conduct Guidelines Casebook

Every year Toppan conducts regular group training sessions for Conduct Guidelines Promotion Leaders and training for related departments on matters such as the Anti-Monopoly Act and Subcontract Act, which form the basis for appropriate business practices.

CSR Procurement

Toppan promotes CSR activities throughout its entire supply chain in cooperation with business partners. The Toppan Group CSR Procurement Guidelines, which govern these activities, are composed of two parts: the Basic Procurement Policy, the fundamental concepts to be espoused by all employees involved in procurement, and the CSR Procurement Standards, to which adherence is asked of all business partners.

Partners collaborating in activities are asked to submit a memorandum of cooperation and respond to a questionnaire via which information on the current status of their CSR activities is provided. The information entered in the memorandums of cooperation and questionnaires is compiled on our Business Partner Information Database as a valuable resource to ensure that Toppan and its partners create a supply chain trusted by society.