Establishing basic policies and guidelines

Toppan established its Basic Policy on Biodiversity in April 2010 to ensure the proactive conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources. To promote specific initiatives, we set forth our Paper Procurement Guidelines for the Sustainable Use of Forest Resources in September 2011.

Proactive utilization of wood from forest thinning


The Cartocan is a paper-based beverage container that uses at least 30% domestically produced timber, including wood from forest thinning*1, as a raw material. Toppan contributes to the conservation of domestic forests through the proactive utilization of timber from forest thinning.

*1 Forest thinning
The felling of poorly grown trees to create space between trees. This is done as a means to nurture healthy forests and conserve biodiversity.

Land use improvement activities at our operational sites


Aiming to utilize land in a way that protects biodiversity, each of our operational sites conducts biodiversity contribution evaluations and biological monitoring based on the Land Use Score Card (JBIB*2 Guidelines for Sustainable Business Sites)

Japan Business lnitiative for Biodiversity