Toppan fulfills its responsibility for consumer safety and security through the strict assurance of product safety, protection of personal information, and other important safeguards. We also strive to develop products and services that are more appealing and easier to use.

Product Safety and Quality Assurance

Operational site audit
Training session for internal auditors

Toppan adheres to both its Basic Stance on Product Safety Management and Basic Guidelines on Product Safety Management, and has acquired the ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system (QMS) at each operational site as part of its efforts to work continuously toward improved quality. In addition, we proactively develop internal inspectors as a means of fostering human assets capable of supporting safety management.

In our food-related business in particular, which requires the highest levels of quality assurance for safety and hygiene, we conduct audits based on self-imposed guidelines and have implemented a certification system for manufacturing based on evaluations and rankings obtained from audits.

We also engage in strict screening for prohibited and controlled chemicals at each stage of the manufacturing process, from the procurement of raw materials to product shipment, and strive to continuously improve our management efforts to ensure product safety.

Universal Design Initiatives

Toppan's Universal Design

Universal design (UD) has become increasingly prevalent in recent years in response to aging societies, low birth rates, and consumers’ heightened consiousness of social ethics and emotional value, such as comfort.

The Toppan Declaration on Universal Design and Principles on Universal Design were established to ensure that consciousness and sensitivity regarding customization stand alongside functional considerations for ease of understanding and use at every stage of product development.

Protecting Personal Information

Toppan handles a tremendous volume of personal information in operations such as the processing and dispatch of direct mail, issuance and processing of cards, administration of campaigns and Internet-related business. We strive to reinforce security management to meet our customers’ expectations for safety and security and ensure that the added value of services is enhanced.

Contributing to Sustainable Consumption

CSR Report

Toppan develops and markets numerous products and services designed to contribute to sustainable consumption.

As a part of our Carbon Footprint initiative we clearly indicate CO2 emissions for products and services. Through this and other activities we strive to fulfill our responsibility as a company to encourage more environmentally friendly purchasing habits among consumers.