As members of their respective communities, the Toppan Group’s domestic and overseas operational sites are involved in social contribution activities aimed at solving local issues and contributing to sustainable development.

Community Contribution and Involvement

Disaster drill with residents in the community (Numazu)
Class for elementary school students invited to the site (Nagoya)
Toppan Charity Concert (Maki Mori)
Charity Event (Koishikawa)

Our domestic and overseas operational sites participate in organizations such as residents associations to enable us to engage in dialogue with the local community and learn about what residents expect from us and what issues are faced. We are involved in a wide range of activities including environmental beautification and cleaning, the fostering and education of the next generation, improvement of industrial health and safety, and the establishment of cooperative frameworks to prepare for disasters.

As an initiative to contribute to solving issues faced by international society, since 2008 we have also been involved in improving literacy to help people to escape poverty and lead healthy and culturally rich lives. We hold charity concerts each year and donate the proceeds to literacy improvement projects.