Developing and providing comprehensive solutions
to address social issues and
contribute to fulfilling lifestyles

Shingo Kaneko
President & Representative Director

Paradigm shifts in which technologies are rapidly evolving and social values are changing drastically are occurring in all kinds of industries. We are in an era in which IT is penetrating our lives in ways that cannot necessarily be seen and enabling living environments that offer convenience and comfort. As the “information revolution” gains speed, businesses in Japan are shifting to the implementation phase of digital transformation.

In such an environment, Toppan is working to address challenges faced by our customers and society as a whole by advancing collaboration between our Information & Communication, Living & Industry, and Electronics segments to develop and provide comprehensive solutions. In the process of responding to the varied needs of numerous customers centered on our core business of printing, we have fused advanced printing techniques with marketing, IT, and a diverse range of other knowledge and expertise to codify Toppan’s unique resources as a set of what we call “printing technologies.”

We will aim to enhance enterprise value by proactively pushing forward with the transformation of our business model in a society that has undergone a paradigm shift. In particular, we will bring together the strengths of the Toppan Group to tackle various challenges being addressed by society, including the establishment of Japan as a major tourist destination, urban development, sustainable packaging, medical care and pharmaceuticals, regional revitalization, and promotion of health. We will also use cutting-edge printing technologies to create new value focused on the future in 100 years time.

In accordance with our Corporate Philosophy of “contributing to a fulfilling lifestyle as a mainstay of information and culture,” we will design new possibilities for information and living through co-creation with customers and target further growth as a creator of social value.

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