LCD Product Information

Industrial Electronics, Automotive, Construction, Aerospace, Medical... Toppan is offering unique and valuable TFT-LCD products for various applications requiring high performance and high reliability. We also have a wider product line to be able to support customers’ various requirements to displays.

  • Application

    Industrial Applications Factory Automation
    Plant Equipment
    Enterprise Handheld Computing
    GIS / Land Survey
    Building/Housing Equipment
    Automotive Automotive
    Construction/Commercial Vehicle
    High Reliability Aerospace
    Medical / Healthcare
    Consumer Outdoor Sports / Marine
    Others Education
  • Toppan’s Value Proposition

    Performance Technology
    • Sunlight Readability
    • Low Power Consumption
    • High Durability/Reliability
      (6.8G Anti-vibration, Wide Temp. Range)
    • Long-term Stable Availability
    • Small Lot Delivery
    • Wide Standard Product Lines
    • Customization
    Added Function
    • Capacitive Touch (PCAP)
    • Non-Contact Display

Please see HERE for Standard Product Lineup