Toppan-GP Group

Toppan-GP Group

Toppan Printing acquired a Taiwanese LCD company, Giantplus Technology Co. Ltd (GP), on April 2017 and welcomed GP to the member of Toppan Group.

Giantplus (GP) is, as with Toppan ORTUS business unit, a small-to-medium size TFT-LCD supplier. They are supplying high-quality and high-value-added displays for many customers in automotive, industrial and consumer electronics market worldwide.

Toppan and GP will jointly aim to expand TFT-LCD business scale by combining and interacting technology, production capability and sales resources owned by both parties effectively.

  • Technology. Concentrate of both parties’ technology advantages to upgrade technology and product quality level of whole the Toppan group.
  • Production. Optimize production network in the group to enhance the total efficiency of production activity.
  • Customer Support. Combine of both parties’ product lineup and market information to offer value-added display products to customers.

Toppan-GP group will operate TFT-LCD business globally and keep providing high-quality and high value-added display products to the customers worldwide.