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Semiconductor-related Products | Photomasks Manufacturing process of Photomasks

1.Photomasks Blanks

ImageAbsorber layers (chrome etc.) are deposited over the ultra fine polished high purity synthetic quartz substrate, forming a light shielding layer with a thickness of tens of nanometers. Above quartz substrate is called a photomask blanks.


ImagePhotoresist (photosensitive resin) is uniformly coated over the surface of a photomask blanks, then a LSI circuit pattern is written by using electron beam or laser beam.


ImageThe portions of resist exposed to the electron beam are removed through development process (positive tone resist). Depending on the type of resist, there are cases in which non-exposed portions of resist are removed on the contrary (negative tone resist).


ImageThe portions from which resist was removed by the development process, the absorber layer is exposed then this layer is etched through a chemical reaction by dry etching.

5.Resist Removal

ImageA photomask is completed upon removal of the resist and cleaned, and is finally shipped after passing several strict inspection processes.

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