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Semiconductor-related Products | Various types of photomasks / Large size Masks

Toppan is providing high resolution, highly reliable photomasks not only for semiconductors and LCDs, but also for different industrial areas / research purposes, utilizing its microfabrication technology.

Use of the Photomask

Toppan provides large size photomasks to various markets including various displays, semiconductors, industry, R&D, etc.

<Instances of Supply>

  • Masks for Organic EL Display (OLED)
  • Masks for MEMS
  • Masks for IC (bump)
  • Masks for Semiconductor Packaging Substrates
  • Masks for LED
  • Masks for Thermal Head
  • Mask for Device Accuracy control
  • Test Chart
  • Master masks for High-resolution Printing
  • Masks for various R&D etc.

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9″Photomask Image

[9" Photomask Image]

Mask for FC-BGA Substrate

[Mask for FC-BGA Substrate]

Specification Outline

■Mask Size

228.6mm×228.6mm ~ 1220.0mm×1400.0mm

■Acceptable Data Format

GDS, GBR, or Design diagram

■Beam Diameter


■Substrate, etc.

Synthetic Quarts, Soda-lime Glass / Thickness: 3-13mm(t)
Pellicle mounting possible

TOPPAN Test Chart

TOPPAN Test Chart is the photomask which formed the basic-shaped pattern with chromium on the high purity glass substrate.
We prepare for a positive type mask and a negative type mask.
It is available in the uses such as accuracy management of equipment, a resolution check, and a valuation basis at photoresist selection.

TOPPAN Test Chart

Standard Mask Pattern

No.1 No.2

In addition to the above standard products, we can also produce custom models.

Click here to download "TOPPAN Test Chart brochure"

3D Masks (Gray-tone Masks / Gray-scale Masks)

Gray-scale mask is a 3D photomask, applying the well-established photomask technology including high resolution. 3D structures including micro lens are formed by controlling transmission volume of the light.

3D Masks (Gray-tone Masks / Gray-scale Masks)

Microlens Structure

Microlens Structure(Prolith)

Transferred Image of 3D mask
(AFM image of resist profile)

Transferred Image of 3D mask<br />(AFM image of resist profile)

Examples of pattern type

Examples of pattern type

Mask Patterns
(Micrographs / Reflection)

Mask Patterns(Micrographs / Reflection)

Resist Configuration

Resist Configuration(AFM)

Photomasks for Displays

The photomask for Displays is the master mask to be used for forming a pattern on color filters.
Along with a trend towards larger and higher definition displays, photomasks are also required to be larger, with higher precision.
Toppan utilizes the ultra-fine processing technology cultivated through photomasks for semiconductors to provide a high-definition, highly reliable large-sized photomask for displays.

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Large size Mask for 8gen

[Large size Mask for 8gen]



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