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Nanoimprint lithography is a microfabrication technology used to transfer patterns that measure a few dozen nanometers by placing resin between a mold and a substrate and hardening the resin. Its process is so simple that it is expected to enable inexpensive and highly repeatable mass volume manufacturing of microstructures.
Toppan develops and produces high-precision molds for nanoimprint lithography, applying lithography technologies that have been developed in the company’s semiconductor photomask business.

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Toppan and SCIVAX enter into capital and business alliances for nanoimprint business

Nanoimprint lithography (NIL)
Nanoimprint lithography

Methods of nanoimprint lithography

Nanoimprint lithography can be roughly classified into two types: “UV method” and “Thermal Method”

UV Nanoimprint Method

The UV nanoimprint method replicates patterns by pressing the pattern on the mold against UV-curable resin, which is the hardened by UV Irradiation.
Working at normal temperature is possible, giving this method the unique nature of allowing a high level of precision in the replication of patterns.

Thermal Nanoimprint Method

The thermal nanoimprint method replicates patterns by pressing the pattern on the mold strongly against thermoplastic resin, which is then cooled after being heated. Direct processing is possible for a variety of Products if they are made of materials that are softened by heating.

Quartz molds

Quartz molds are mainly used in the UV nanoimprint method. quartz is used as the material for semiconductor photomasks. It is characterized by high rigidity and flatness.
The manufacturing process, same as that of semiconductor photomask’s, allows to fabricate fine level patterns that measure a few dozen nanometers. Toppan also develops and manufactures multistage structure molds.

Substrate size : 6025(152×152×6.35mm(t))

Quartz molds

Silicon molds

Silicon molds are mainly used in the thermal nanoimprint method. Patterns are drawn with an electron beam on a silicon substrate that has been coated with photosensitive resin. Dry etching is then used to make the patterns deeper.
The manufacturing process, same as that of Quartz mold’s, allows to form fine precision patterns. Silicon molds with high aspect ratio patterns are under development.

Silicon molds

Click here to download "nanoimprint mold brochure"(PDF:619KB)

Nanoimprint Solution Service

Toppan Aim to able to be comprehensive solution service of nanoimprint ranging from optical design and simulation to master mold and production of end products through the capital and business alliance with SCIVAX Corporation.

Nanoimprint solution service

Standard Nanoimprint Lithography Silicon Molds for Evaluation

We can offer standard mold sample at relatively low price.
Please use it for evaluation.

Specifications Overview

  • Substrate (Si) thickness:725um
  • Pattern area: □ 18mm
  • Chip size: □ 1inch

Standard mold sample : Line-up (Silicon mold)

Standard mold sample : Line-up (Silicon mold)

Cross-section image of mold pattern

Click here to download "Standard mold sample brochure(PDF:133KB)



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