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Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) technology is based on the hot embossing lithography, using patterned mold (metal pattern) as a master mask. As nanoimprint lithography is capable of transferring microstructures with low-cost, its application to semiconductors, storage devices, and optical devices is expected.
Toppan is developing various types of master molds, utilizing its minute fabrication technologies developed for photomasks and compact disc stampers.

News Releases

Toppan and SCIVAX enter into capital and business alliances for nanoimprint business

Nanoimprint lithography (NIL)
Nanoimprint lithography

Nanoimprint Solution Service

Toppan offers comprehensive solution service of nanoimprint ranging from optical design and simulation to master mold manufacturing and mass production of end products through the capital and business alliance with SCIVAX Corporation.

Nanoimprint solution service



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