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Semiconductor-related Products | Photo Etched Parts  Product Examples

  • Fine Metal Masks for OLED Displays

    Fine Metal Masks that used for depositting RGB and electrode on low molecular organic EL displays.

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    Micro Channel / Flow Channel

    Complex micro channels can be formed by stacking different patterns of thin plate materials combining through etching and half etching.
    It can be used for heat dissipation and cooling device parts such as heat pipes and vapor chambers, and for applications such as ink channels.

  • Fuel cell separator

    Metal separator for fuel cells. In order to flow gas and air evenly, a fine flow path is patterned on the surface.
    Unlike the press method, it is possible to form ultra-fine Micro Channel.

    Douser / Iris for Camera module

    Aperture in camera module of Smartphone / Cell phone.

  • Mesh Speaker Grill

    Metal speaker mesh used for flat-panel TV, etc.
    It is possible to design logo marks etc., by controlling the opening dimension.

    Sheet Feeder Gear for Printer

    Small gears used for transferring papers in the printer.

  • Leaf Springs for Lens Actuator

    Fine plate spring for camera module.

    Corona Charger Grid and Discharging Plate for Printer

    Grid electrodes for the corona charging device embedded in laser printers, and discharging plate (needle) for the electrostatic discharging device.

  • Metal Mask for Silicon Wafer

    Metal masks used for depositing metal structures on the silicon wafer.

    Metal Filter

    Used for a wide-range of purposes, such as oil filter for vehicles, air filter for electric appliances, and bath water filters, and others.

  • Decorative Etched Metal

    Etched Bookmark

    Etched Logo / Mark

    Decorative parts created by the process technologies including etching and plating.
    Serve various purposes or meet various needs, including metal bookmark for gift, remembrance purposes, or naming plate or logo on the products.

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