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Light Control Film “LC MAGIC”

Light Control Film is a functional film, which can instantaneously switch from being transparent to opaque or vice versa, by turning on/off the electric current.
Toppan’s Light Control Film “LC MAGIC” owns world highest level of transparency and light blocking property, having multiple functions such as image projection screen. It is expected to be used in a wide variety of fields, including constructions such as housing, offices and commercial facility, as well as automobiles and aircraft.



  • Provides globally top level transparency and shielding property, as well as superb infrared ray cutting function.
    → Possesses excellent transparency and shielding property, along with ability to block 70-75% of infrared ray when opaque. (Transparent : 20-25% of infrared rays is cut.)
  • Easy to apply to curved surfaces or glass because it is extremely thin.
    →Ultra thin film of 0.1mm has been made available, can be applied to curved surfaces or glass.
  • Width of 1,500mm has been made possible, can be shipped in roll form.
    →Needs for large sizes are supported with shipped in 1,500mm-width roll form.
  • Realizes lower voltage/lower power consumption.
    →Achieved drive voltage of 20-60V(Normal mode), realizing lower voltage and lower power consumption, compared to other light control films.
  • Makes gradation display possible.
    → By changing the voltage, gradual and progressive display of different gradations between “transparent” and “opaque” is possible.
  • Allows for freedom and creativity in design.
    As it is a film, it can be cut into any shape using scissors or cutters, and slits or holes can also be made easily.
    Wide range of color variation is possible, including black.
  • Can be used as screen or signage by projecting high-definition video.
    →Can be used as screen or signage by projecting images, expected to be used in variety of applications and scenes.

Product Lineup

Normal Mode “Opaque” when the power is off (without electric current),
“transparent” when the power is on(with electric current).
Normal Mode
Reverse Mode <Under Development> World’ s first light control film which is “transparent” when the power is off(without electric current).
Reverse Mode

Example of use

  • Windows, partitions for housing, offices and public facility
  • Projected screen, signage for commercial facility and event venues
  • Windows, sunroofs of automobile and aircraft

<A example of items under development> Electronic Blind

“Electronic Blind,” which allows for instantaneously switching the surface from transparent to opaque or vice versa, through touch is being developed, by fusing light control film “LC MAGIC” and Toppan’ s copper touch sensor technology.

*LC MAGIC and the LC MAGIC logo are trademarks of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

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