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Large-size Photomask for Displays

The photomask for displays is the master mask to be used for forming a pattern on color filters.
Along with a trend towards larger displays, photomasks for displays are also required to be larger, with higher precision.
Toppan utilizes the ultra-fine processing technology cultivated through photomasks for semiconductors to provide a high-definition, highly reliable large-sized photomask for displays.

【Large size Mask for 8gen】

【Large size Mask for 8gen】

Types of Photomask

Binary Masks

The ransmission characteristics of Ninary Masks are either transparent or non-transparent. Binary mask is used for building a pattern in which line width being larger than the exposure wave length.

Half-tone Masks

By controlling the amount of light transmission, it is possible to form a three-dimensional structure.
Also known as the Gray-scale masks or 3D masks.

Specification Outline

■Mask Size

228.6mm×228.6mm ~ 1220.0mm×1400.0mm

■Acceptable Data Format

GDS, GBR, or Design diagram

■Beam Diameter


■Substrate, etc.

Synthetic Quarts, Soda-lime Glass / Thickness: 3-13mm(t)
Pellicle mounting possible

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