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Large-size Photomask for Displays

The photomask for displays is the master mask to be used for forming a pattern on color filters.
Along with a trend towards larger displays, photomasks for displays are also required to be larger, with higher precision.
While manufacturing and using photomasks for displays in-house by utilizing its ultra-fine microfabrication technologies just as with semiconductors, Toppan sells them to displays panel makers as well.

【Large size Mask for 8gen】

【Large size Mask for 8gen】

Types of Photomask

Binary Masks

The ransmission characteristics of Ninary Masks are either transparent or non-transparent. Binary mask is used for building a pattern in which line width being larger than the exposure wave length.

Half-tone Masks

By controlling the amount of light transmission, it is possible to form a three-dimensional structure.
Also known as the Gray-scale masks or 3D masks.

Specification Outline

■Mask Size

228.6mm×228.6mm ~ 1220.0mm×1400.0mm

■Acceptable Data Format

GDS, GBR, or Design diagram

■Beam Diameter


■Substrate, etc.

Synthetic Quarts, Soda-lime Glass / Thickness: 3-13mm(t)
Pellicle mounting possible

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