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Display-related Products, Resists for Color Filter

Various types of resists are used for manufacturing color filter (CF). Toppan is working with its partners to co-develop color resists to derive a detailed color image, black matrix (BM) resist to create image pixel for CF, and photo spacer (PS) resist to maintaining the uniformity of cell gap. In addition, Toppan can sell resist solutions separately.


Black Matrices (BM) Resist

Black matrix (BM) resist has excellent light shielding property, and improves contrast and controls aperture ratio.
This product is a highly customizable, and supports many different types of customer needs.


  • High OD Value


  • High Sensitivity


  • High Resolution


  • High Adhesion

Before PCT:10kgf/cm2、After PCT:5kgf/cm2

  • High Reliability

VHR 5V 60Hz > 98%

  • Fine Pattern Form
  • High OD

    [High OD]

  • High Resistivity

    [High Resistivity]

Photosensitive Spacer (PS) Resist

Photo spacer (PS) is formed on the color filter to improve image quality through advanced control over cell gap.
Toppan has prepared line up to address customer needs and expectations.


  • High Uniformity , High Sensitivity , High Developability
  • High Heat Resistance , High Chemical Resistance

Line up of PS Resist

Line up of PS Resist

Reliability Properties

Thickness : 1μm

Reliability Properties

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