Color filters serve as a pivotal material for image quality of image- output/ input devices, such as displays and image sensors. By using our ultra-fine processing technology based on the plate making technology for printing, patterns of a color filter, microlens or electrodes are formed on glass or silicon wafers.

With our precise coating and laminating technologies by micro coater or spatter and material developing technology, we develop and manufacture ultra-fine films patterned with copper touch sensors, anti-reflection films for flat display panels, and LC light-control films allowing a quick changeover between opaque and transparent by a flip of the power switch.

A photomask is a glass plate having a light shielding film on which ultra fine circuit patterns are formed, and used to produce patterns of complicated semiconductor circuits onto silicon wafers. In addition to photomasks for semiconductors, we develop and manufacture glass masks for various studies and development, silicon stencil masks, molds for nanoimprinting, etc.

By exploiting our advanced photolithography technology and build-up wiring technology, we are working on development and production of FC-BGA substrates or various lead frames that meet the needs for high-performance and small-sized LSIs.

Based on our photo etching technology, we manufacture and sell products for a wide variety of fields, including interior and exterior parts and jigs used for electronics products and various machines.

We are working on design and development of various devices by taking advantages of Toppan's many elemental technologies, such as turnkey service (from design to pilot & mass production of semiconductor circuits), modules for TFT LC displays and various sensors and tools.