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Plastic Containers

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Services for producing these containers are based on the most advanced technologies, ranging from product planning and design to mold making, shaping, and secondary processing. The end result is superior packaging, in terms of both quality and appearance.

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GL-C is a plastic container, having inner walls coated with a material that provides a high gas barrier as well as low adsorbability and elution.

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Laminated Tube

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Laminated tubes are available in PE or EVOH structure, depending on package contents. It is possible to create, a layer structure using GL Film, witch provide superior resistance to moisture, a high gas barrier, and aroma retention.

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Jar Plus

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This is a wide-rimmed, liner-free container. Proper sealing is provided by a unique construction, which eliminates the need for an internal liner. Recyclability has been improved by manufacturing it from a single material.

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Container Made from Recycled Material

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This container contains partially reworked plastic.

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Plastic Container Made from Two Types of Plastic

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This container is made from different materials by injection molding. It is eye-catching and has a feel that is unique to its two-layer structure.

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