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Paperboard Carton


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This is a heat-generating sheet for microwave use. It adds crispiness and a freshly cooked appearance to microwave food products. A thin layer of aluminum deposition onto a PET film base generates heat when the product is heated in a microwave oven.

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Tray Tight

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These are primary paper containers that provide good protection for package contents.

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Functional Primary Paper Container

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This primary paper container for food products has many advantages, including a stick-proof interior, ample moisture retention properties, color fastness, and deodorizer thanks to Toppan’s original paper.

Akeshime Jozu

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Fast and easy to construct by hand, this package has a simple reclosing structure and function.

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AP Carton

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AP Cartons have surpassed the levels of conventional waterproof paper, providing ultra waterproof technology. AP Cartons can be used as replacement for wooden boxes and Styrofoam, and its superior handling characteristics make it a perfect distribution packaging material in any field where waterproofing and strength are required. What’s more, AP Cartons can be safely incinerated upon disposal.

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TT Paper Can

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TT Paper Can uses clear barrier GL Film, rather than aluminum or other metals, achieving high barrier performance as well as facilitating waste separation and disposal.

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Surface Decoration

Using materials and decorative expression that break from the norm is an effective technique for designing distinctive product packaging. In addition to having a strong visual and tactile impact on consumers, it also conveys a sense of quality. Toppan employs a wide range of decorative techniques in package design to express high quality.

Emboss Look

Emboss Look photo

This process produces packaging with a realistic, tactile feel. A varnished finish is used on parts of the design when printing, resulting in slightly raised areas on the package surface.

Emboss Look 3D

Emboss Look 3D photo

A sense of depth can be added to the printed packaging by using Emboss Look 3D technology, which forms a micro-lens by applying UV varnish over a printed dot design.

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Emboss Look G2

Emboss Look G2 photo

This technology, adopting a gravure printing process, gives the printed packaging a more three-dimensional look and feel than the regular Emboss Look technology does.

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UV Matte / Gloss Technology

UV Matte / Gloss Technology photo

By combining matte and glossy surfaces on the same media in gravure printing, this technology increases package contrast and also improves surface durability.

Thermo Ink

Thermo Ink photo

This special ink changes from color to colorless and vice versa depending on temperature. There are both hot and cold types. Different colors are vailable, each with a corresponding temperature at which the color appears.

Hologram / Holotone

Hologram / Holotone photo

Holotone enables low cost mass production.
It offers good visibility and a high-quality look as well as being able to accommodate a variety of innovative designs.

Micro Jagged Surface

Micro Jagged Surface photo

When lit, this surface generates a dynamic, three-dimensional fluxional image through use of a special embossing die. The three-dimensional effect cannot be reproduced via normal printing processes.

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping photo

A high-quality look is achieved through thermocompression bonding using metallic plates on high luminance foil, including gold, silver, color, rainbow, hologram and pearl finishes.

Embossing Technology

Embossing Technology photo

This provides a realistic texture and feeling through the transfer of patterns to an image using a metal die.

UV Transfer Technology

UV Transfer Technology photo

This is a special coating technology that applies decorative patterns or markings to the package surface immediately after application of the UV varnish coating.

Clear Carton

Clear Carton photo

Clear Carton allows for a great deal of flexibility in package size and shape. Combining clear plastic and printed paper, various shapes and styles can be constructed.