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Flexible Packaging

GL Film

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Developed using coating and deposition technology, this transparent barrier film has established Toppan as the leader in clear deposition film thanks to its superior gas and moisture barrier properties. One of the many uses of GL Film is as a packaging material for a variety of products such as food and toiletries, electronic devices, and industrial materials.

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Freshness Preserving Agent

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The oxygen absorption properties of this product inhibit oxidization and the formation of bacteria and mold within packages, resulting in improved product freshness and quality.

Standing Pouch

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The thoughtful design of this pouch reduces package volume and facilitates disposal. A wide variety of filling systems are available to meet nearly any requirement, from small volume units to mass production machines.

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Poly Fastener

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This pouch features a fastener that allows for repeated opening and closing. Toppan also supplies assembly and filling systems that automatically assemble pouches from rolls of film, attach fasteners, fill pouches, then seal the packaged product.

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Retort Pouch

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Toppan offers retort pouches and sterilization equipment. Additionally, along with an aluminum pouch, our lineup includes GL retort pouch.

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Steam Release Packaging

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This packaging is ideal for products heated in microwave ovens owing to its ability to release steam that occurs when heating. Steam release packaging vastly reduces content preparation time since it eliminates the need for hot water to heat package contents.

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Double PAK

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Incorporating a special twin-layer composition, Double PAK allows products to be vacuum packed without detracting from the external or aesthetic appearance of the bag.

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Lid Material

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Through development of resins used for sealants, Toppan is able to offer a variety of different lid materials that combine air tight sealing properties with easy opening performance.

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Easy-cut and Easy-opening Packaging Material

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This soft package can be easily opened tears in a smooth, straight line without scissors. It also allows easy drainage of hot water.

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New-L Packaging Material

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Toppan’s experience in resin blending and laminate technologies has lead to development of sealant for this packaging material. It is designed for packaging liquids, enabling use of high-speed filling machines. This material is also excellent in applications involving hot filling, sterilization by boiling, and refrigerated distribution.

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Aluminum Deposition Packaging Materials

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Aluminum deposition on paper or film gives added functionality not previously attainable. Toppan’s original printing technology can also be used to apply various functional features on film base materials.

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Toppan provides a wide selection of labels with a variety of usage for diverse needs.

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Modified Atmosphere Package

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MA packing preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables. This is accomplished by adjusting the composition of gasses surrounding produce inside packaging in order to create an optimal environment for maintaining freshness.

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Biomass-based plastic package

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This environmentally considerate packaging material is manufactured from biomass plastic, comprised of recyclable plant-derived resources, instead of fossil fuels and pharmaceutical.

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Medical Packaging Materials

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The basic functions of packaging for medical equipment and pharmaceuticals
are to: preserve the efficacy of pharmaceuticals; maintain the safety and cleanliness of equipment; and
allow for a universal design to facilitate ease of use. Toppan has utilized its sophisticated technical
expertise and broad experience to satisfy a wide range of client needs in this area.

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