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Original Design Cups

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Toppan’s original paper cups come in a wide range of standard sizes.

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Environmentally Friendly Cups

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Toppan provides a variety of paper cups made from environmentally friendly materials.

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Dessert Cups

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Paper cups are becoming more popular for dessert products such as yogurt and ice cream. Toppan has a wide selection of highly functional paper cups with a variety of functions and shapes for diverse needs.

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This container is comprised of a paper cup and heat-insulating paper. The U-Cup utilizes a layer of air for insulation. The Barrier U-Cup is similar in construction but can be filled directly with contents without the need for secondary packaging.

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Barrier Cup

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This paper cup has excellent freshness retention properties due to a barrier material on the side and bottom that prevents oxidization and absorption of moisture.

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Paper Cups for Liquid Products

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These paper containers enable preservation of beverages for a long time.

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Paper Composite Container

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This container uses a new composite container technology that combines a base material made from environmentally considerate paper with easy-to-use function. This technology was influenced by the development of Cartocan paper beverage containers, to create straight, can-shaped, high-barrier containers.

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