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Corrugated Board

Decorative Corrugated Box

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Colorful decorative corrugated board can bring a signficant impact to POP sales promotion as a packaging material essential to product promotion. Our expertise in this area makes it possible to extend high-quality packaging to not only cosmetics and other small luxury goods, but also to large cardboard boxes.

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Micro Flute

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The thinly spaced flutes (1 mm or less) make this cardboard, thin, light, and robust. It is also very offset printing-friendly thanks to it smooth surface.

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Corrugated Board-based POP Display

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This POP display is easy to assemble and disassemble, and allows low-cost production of large displays. The corrugated carton is also recyclable. Toppan offers “instant display packages” that are packed together with goods, large POP displays, display stands of corrugated board, and other POP display products.

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The TP-Tray is a molded paper product created with functionality and ease of disposal in mind. The tray is formed by thermal compression of punched-out corrugated board blanks.

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Functional Corrugated Board

Toppan has print and processing capabilities to produce corrugated board packaging for exterior use. We can enhance this packaging by incorporating anti-slip and waterproof measures as well as by increasing its strength.

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