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The Toppan Technical Research Institute, which serves as the hub of technical development,
engages in R&D focused on creating new businesses and providing new products for existing businesses.

The Toppan Technical Research Institute plays the central role in Toppan's R&D. It endeavors to create new technologies required to create new businesses with printing technologies as the core, and consists of two research units: the Fundamental Technology Research Laboratory, which broadens the scope of existing technologies, and the Business Development Research Laboratory, which conducts technological development on highly original products and products with competitive advantages.

To promote this R&D, the Toppan Technical Research Institute actively engages in joint research with other leading corporations, universities, and research institutions in Japan and overseas.

Through these activities, the Toppan Technical Research Institute fuses various printing technologies to enhance technical capabilities and proposes new solutions in collaboration with our business development departments.

R&D Fields

In addition to applied research and related basic research to promote the further growth of Toppan’s five business fields of Information & Networks, Living Environment, Electronics, Personal Service, and Next-generation Products, we also engage in research that targets the establishment of the next generation of new technologies.

Toppan's R&D Fields

History of the Toppan Technical Research Institute

In 1986, research departments scattered in various regions were centralized into the Toppan Technical Research Institute at Sugito-cho, Kitakatsushika-gun, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, to offer an environment where research activities ranging from basic research to applied research and production technologies can be conducted consistently.

In 1999, the Toppan Super Clean Room Building was established as a base for pioneering R&D in the electronics field.

In 2003, the Technical Research Institute Experiment Center was established to provide a test environment to support the businesses Toppan is engaged in in the 21st century.

Technical Research Institute

Technical Research Institute

Overview of research conducted at the Research Institute.

Toppan Research

Technical information related to the Research Institute

Technical Information

Toppan’s R&D sites

R&D Sites

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