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Printing Technologies


In this field of business we handle display- and semiconductor- products all based on printing technologies.

Display Related

We offer high-quality display-related products using leading-edge technologies and production abilities.

We develop and manufacture a range of display-related products. These include color filters, which are essential for giving color to LCDs, surface treatment films, which minimize reflection and glare on displays, and touch panel modules, which enable excellent operability. We also provide large photomasks for LCDs and metal masks for OLED displays.

Semiconductor Related

We offer total support for the electronics industry with our advanced technical skills.

In addition to providing photomasks, which are master plates essential for front-end semiconductor manufacturing (wafer) processes, LSI design services, on-chip color filter arrays for CCD/CMOS image sensors, and other wafer processing services, Toppan also develops and manufactures leadframes and FC-BGA substrates used in back-end processing (packaging), and etched metal parts that employ photolithography technologies.

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