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Photomask Toppan provides leading-edge Photomasks to our customers around the world in a timely fashion by taking advantage of our most advanced technological development ability in the industry and our global network.
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  Toppan Chunghwa Electronics Ltd. (Chinese/English)
  Toppan Photomasks, Inc. (English)
Color filters for LCDs Color filters are a key component of color LCDs and play a major role in determining their color quality. Toppan offers color filters for many different applications, from large-screen LCD TVs to mobile phones.
Color filter array These color filters are required by the CCD/CMOS image sensors of digital input devices, such as digital cameras in order to capture colors.
Semiconductor package products Toppan produces lead frames and BGA/CSP substrates for LSI packages using metal etching fabrication and TAB tape processing.
Etched products Toppan offer various etched products that incorporate etching technology derived from our plate-making technology.
Turnkey businesses Our technical teams provide the latest LSI development solutions.
Surface Treatment Films Surface treatment films (LR/CHC/AG) control reflection on display surfaces and improve visibility.
Electronic paper E-Ink electronic paper is a next-generation reflective display medium combining the legibility of paper and the rewritability of digital displays.
Securities and cards ( link to Japanese page. Except IC tags. )
IC cards Since becoming the first company in Japan to develop IC cards, in 1983, Toppan has supported all aspects of IC card systems — from planning and development to production — across a diverse range of fields.
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IC tags Toppan RFID solutions are changing businesses and lifestyles.
Security devices We deliver security and peace of mind to our customers through counterfeit prevention devices and systems such as Crystagram (a functional OVD), specialty inks, and card printers.
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Holograms Our world-leading hologram technology enables extremely effective counterfeit prevention and brand protection.
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Point-card systems Note: Service only available in Japan.
In addition to selling cards and reader-writers, we offer ASP services, customer information analysis, and various comprehensive solutions.
Gift card ASP services Note: Service only available in Japan.
Our gift card ASP services are real-time processing services that manage the balance for plastic gift cards. These services are ideal tools for sales promotions and campaigns.
Cert@id Note: Service only available in Japan.
This is our PKI service, specialized for RAs, that reliably and efficiently stores and manages large amounts of data.
Product Databases ( link to Japanese page. Service only available in Japan. )
GAMEDIOS GAMEDIOS is the acronym for our integrated product information database system that addresses many IT-era customer issues.
MediaPress-Net MediaPress-Net is a product information portal site boasting large numbers of members and articles. The site offers a flexible search system with affordable registration renewals.
Dr.Presentation This software is tailored specifically for preparing new home construction proposals. It features an intuitive interface for quick and easy design of high-quality floor plan diagrams and layouts.
NPS NPS is a service for creating sales promotion tools for use on the Internet.
Containers and Packaging materials
Living Environment Division As your vital business partner, Toppan offers a "Total Packaging Solution" that provides comprehensive services for all your operational needs, from product planning and design to production and communication.
Flexible Packaging We can offer a range of flexible packaging products with various functions. These include GL Film, which has excellent barrier performance.
Cup We can provide a wide range of paper cup products that offer barrier performance and consideration for the environment.
Paperboard Carton We can provide various paperboard container products that have excellent decorative qualities and diverse structures.
Plastic Using a range of molding techniques including injection and blow molding, we can provide various plastic products that offer excellent functionality such as barrier performance.
Composite Liquid Container We offer highly functional composite liquid containers that fuse a range of technologies including flexible packaging, paperboard containers and plastic molding.
Corrugated Board We can provide a wide range of corrugated board products, including POP displays and shock absorbing material, with features such as excellent decorative quality and outstanding consideration for the environment.
Universal Design
(Package Clinic)
Toppan runs the Package Clinic to promote and demonstrate the design of user-friendly packages for everyone.
GL Film (Use as a packaging material) This transparent film has established Toppan as the leader in clear deposition film thanks to its superior gas and moisture barrier properties. One of the many uses of GL Film is as a packaging material for a variety of products such as food and toiletries, electronic devices, and industrial materials.
Functional Product and Energy Related
Information Technology Device Related Components

·Molded Plastic Products for Electronic Devices

Plastic and metal products are supplied by using various decorating technologies.

·Information Recording Materials

We also supply information recording materials(heat transfer printing ribbons) that provide outstanding image reproduction and durability.

·Electronics Packaging

We provide packaging to safely transport and protect electronic components.

GL Film
(industrial material use)
“GL Film” is a transparent barrier film that has the world’s highest level of barrier performance and is available in a wide range of variations.
“GL Film” can be utilized in industrial material applications such as packaging for various electronic devices and solar panel related components.
Communication tools ( link to Japanese page. Service only available in Japan. )
EPOP These are digital POP tools for in-store promotions that deliver original information by video and audio at the point of sale.
Top calendar Tabletop/desktop calendars are a practical and cost-effective promotion tool for reaching out to customers.
Solution Services ( link to Japanese page. Service only available in Japan. )
Library Plus Library Plus is a content distribution service for corporations that provides digital content to corporations, schools, and other client organizations.
MuseScope MuseScope is an ASP service for museums and art galleries that manages their collections.
TOPICA Our TOPICA hosting service takes care of all aspects of your website management.
Marketing Support ( link to Japanese page. Service only available in Japan. )
Marketing Research Laboratory This center issues information on marketing research and independent studies.
Toppan CRM Solution Toppan CRM Solution utilizes our rich store of experience and resources to lend integrated support to client CRM endeavors.
paraly paraly is an on-line mall of digital catalogs. It provides the convenience of fluid catalog browsing and immediate purchasing from your computer.
Corporate Communications ( link to Japanese page. Service only available in Japan. )
Toppan Nenshi Center This website is designed specifically for the production of annual reports and company histories. It introduces the Center's operations and provides production advice.
Brand consulting A site exclusively for brand consulting. We offer consulting and solutions for customers' brand-building in various fields including strategic planning, concept and vision formulation, naming, visual identity, advertising / PR, and reform of organizational culture.
Miscellaneous Services ( link to Japanese page. Service only available in Japan. )
Digital publishing services Toppan offers on-demand publishing services and short-run printing services that have created new markets for the publishing industry.
Toppan character production We maintain a database of characters for product design and promotional purposes.
Toppan Mind Wellness Toppan Mind Wellness offers training and consulting to develop employees' problem-solving skills and improve organizational productivity.
GA Info
(graphic arts center)
GA Info offers optimal art direction and printing technology that opens up new opportunities for visual communication.
Video business Toppan produces a wide range of commissioned video content, including PR videos, promotion videos, exhibition videos, and TV programs.
Toppan Virtual Reality Toppan possesses cutting-edge virtual reality technology that enables dynamic expression and interactive operation in 3D space.
Minna no Shokutaku: Dietary Balance Guide This service allows you to check your daily dietary intake against the Japanese government's “Spinning Top” food guide.
Community Sites ( link to Japanese page. Service only available in Japan. )
Shufoo! Shufoo is an on-line mall of digital flyers. The site permits easy browsing of discount flyers and other information from stores right in your neighborhood.
365Go! 365Go is a site for the five Chugoku prefectures filled with information on sales, special campaigns, and useful tidbits.
Club Kyushu Club Kyushu is filled with useful information on living in Kyushu.
Sake Kingdom Sake Kingdom is a portal site providing loads of useful information on Japanese sake. It features an i-mode site as well.