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Questions about the company, stocks, etc.

Q1: When was the company established?

The company was established on January 17, 1900 and changed its capital structure to become a limited company on June 4, 1908.

Q2: When was the company's stock listed?

The company was listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges in May 1949.

Q3: On which stock exchange is the company listed in Japan?

The Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q4: What is the company's securities code?

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.'s security code on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is 7911.

Q5: When are the company's accounts closed?

Accounts are closed at the end of March every year.

Q6: Where is the latest information on account closing?

Q7: When is the general meeting of shareholders?

In late June. We send a notice regarding the convening of the general meeting of shareholders to all shareholders who have voting rights as of March 31 to inform them of the date, time and venue of the meeting.

Q8: What is the date of right allotment?

March 31 for profit dividends; September 30 for interim dividends

Q9: How can I get hold of an annual report?

Q10: What kind of social and environmental activities do you engage in?

Please see this page for information on Toppan Printing's activities related to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Q11: Inquires regarding other matters such as an overview of business.

Please contact our Investor Relations team.

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