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Corporate Structure -Corporate Philosophy-

Our Corporate Philosophy was established with the aim of continuing to grow as a company that benefits society.

Corporate Structure -Corporate Philosophy-

Corporate Philosophy

Each of us

Our corporate philosophy expresses common values shared by every Toppan employee and conveys the concept of human dignity valued by Toppan.

Reciprocate our customers' continued trust

The satisfaction of customers (corporate clients and consumers) is our primary concern in all daily operations. We consider strong customer relationships an essential part of business and our customer-first approach will remain the cornerstone of all future business endeavors.

Create dedicated products

Every product and service we provide to our customers must be of superior quality. Created with dedication, passion, and ingenuity, our products and services represent years of experience and knowledge. We will never waver from creating “dedicated products.”

Harnessing our vibrant knowledge and technology

Our design and marketing knowledge and technical prowess give rise to vibrant reproducibility, creativity, and detail in print to meet our customers' requirements.

Contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle

We contribute to more enriched, satisfying lifestyles by invigorating person-to-person, person-to-corporation, and corporation-to-corporation communications.

A mainstay of information and culture

We have made major contributions to information and culture through our printing operations. In response to future challenges, we will continue developing technologies that keep us ahead of the curve and will fulfill our role in society with pride and resolve.

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