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Management Message

We develop and offer total solutions to resolve social issues and contribute to fulfilling lifestyles.

At Toppan, we are currently moving beyond traditional business frameworks of what could be termed general printing, such as posters, catalogs and books, and are branching out in new areas, such as Information & Networks, Living Environment, Electronics, Personal Service and Next-generation Products. This diversification has come about as we, since Toppan was founded, have grown to respond to more and more of our customers' wide-ranging needs, with printing as our core business. Over the years, we've also brought together advanced printing technology and a wide variety of knowledge and experience in fields such as marketing and IT. This has allowed us to establish a systemized set of “printing technologies” that are unique to Toppan. To put it another way, our customers have made us who we are. Toppan has grown through them.

At present, the core of our business is the development and provision of “total solutions” that take into consideration challenges in business faced by our customers, as well as the challenges faced by all stakeholders and society as a whole.

Of course, Japan and the global economy and society as a whole are expected to undergo further drastic changes. Toppan will continue to be led by its corporate philosophy of “contributing to a fulfilling lifestyle as a mainstay of information and culture.” In so doing, we will work even harder to develop and offer new solutions.

We are very grateful for your support as we move forward.

Shingo Kaneko