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We develop and offer total solutions to resolve social issues and contribute to fulfilling lifestyles.

An overview of Toppan including the date of its establishment, capitalization, maps, and addresses.

Our Corporate Structure comprises our Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Creed and Conduct Guidelines. Our Corporate Structure serves as the basis for the Business Fields, which have continued to expand since the company’s founding. In making all of this a reality, we will continue to respond to the trust placed in us by customers.

Toppan's locations and production facilities both within Japan and overseas.


The more than 180 Toppan Group companies (as of the end of March 2014) offer a variety of solutions.

Toppan has grown, side-by-side with society, since the company's establishment in 1900. We have continually challenged ourselves in new business fields as we identify the changes in business and consumer lifestyles.

An introduction to our basic approach to key business issues such as our basic information security policy and product safety management.

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