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Toppan's 110-year Journey In 1923, the Japanese economy was seriously impacted by the Great Kanto Earthquake. Subsequent reconstruction works greatly altered the Tokyo cityscape.

1920 HB photo mechanical prepress method and equipment introduced from the United States
1922 Completion of new plant at the head office
1926 Opening of the Koishikawa Paper Container Plant in Nishi-Edogawamachi, Koishikawa Ward, Tokyo (now 1 Suido, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo)
1927 Establishment of the Osaka Branch Plant at 2 Ohito-Nishi, Nishi-Yodogawa Ward, Osaka (now 1 Oyodo-Kita, Oyodo Ward, Osaka)
Introduction of the HB photo mechanical prepress method

During the 1920s in the U.S., a precise and efficient platemaking method called the HB process began to be widely used in the industry for multi-color printing based on photo-applied planography technology and the step-repeat printing down method.
Koshiro Ichida of Ichida Offset Printing Co., Ltd. continued to negotiate with the HB patent holder in the U.S. in an effort to purchase the patent rights. Realizing the difficulty of such a purchase by a single company, Ichida pitched his idea to his friend, Toppan manager Gennojo Inoue. Inoue assembled six companies in the printing industry, including Toppan and Ichida Offset Printing, and established Japan H.B. Patent Platemaking Co., Ltd. This led to the first installation of HB process equipment at Ichida Offset Printing and then the second at Toppan the following year.

Absorption-type merger of Tokyo Shiki Co., Ltd.

Koishikawa Paper Container Plant (1926)

On February 1, 1926, an extraordinary general meeting of Toppan shareholders was held where the merger agreement concluded with long-time close business partner Tokyo Shiki Co., Ltd. was approved. On April 8 that year, another extraordinary meeting was held to report the merger. As a result of this merger, all the facilities and personnel of Tokyo Shiki were taken over by Toppan and their Nishi-Edogawamachi Plant became our Koishikawa Paper Container Plant. This was Toppan's first step towards building the production system of its paper container and packaging section.

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