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Toppan's 110-year Journey The 1910s saw large numbers of people moving to urban centers with the development of industry resulting in the blossoming of consumer culture.

1917 Acquired Offset Printing Limited Partnership
Advent and introduction of offset printing presses

Gennojo Inoue commuted by bicycle

In 1908, Max Schmidt, president of the Schmidt Lithograph Company in San Francisco, introduced the offset printing press to Japan. This development increased the momentum of offset printing research led by the Ministry of Finance’s Printing Bureau.
In 1911, Gennojo Inoue, the manager of Toppan who saw the future potential of the new technology before others, drafted a detailed plan proposing the introduction of offset printing presses to Toppan executives. However, as the company was experiencing financial difficulties at the time, the president, Tatsutaro Kawai, and other executives did not approve it.

Harris-made offset web press used at Offset Printing

Refusing to give up, Inoue assembled others in the company who understood offset printing and established a limited partnership called Offset Printing in 1913 equipped with the cutting-edge offset printing press. The products made by that company had superior workmanship and the astounding speed of cutting-edge offset printing enhanced its reputation, contributing to the steady growth of the company.
Before long, a great number of people at Toppan began leaning towards a merger with Offset Printing and, in 1917, an extraordinary meeting of shareholders resolved to acquire that company.

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