Corporate Information

Business Segments

Our corporate objective is to generate demand through innovative ideas while maintaining fine craftsmanship that merges technology with aesthetics.

Utilizing vast expertise in printing, Toppan has diversified into eight areas of business: securities and cards, commercial printing, publications printing, packaging, Functional Product and Energy Related, industrial materials, Display Related, and Semiconductor Related. We also conduct demand creation activities in pursuit of higher sales of our products and services.

Securities & cards

Comprehensive support for IT-era information management with cutting-edge security technology

Securities and Cards

• Stock certificates • Bond certificates • Bankbooks • Product certificates • Gift coupons • Lottery tickets • Business forms • Data generation, processing, and printing • Magnetic cards • Prepaid cards • IC card systems • Gift card ASP services • Development and design of security management systems • Development and fabrication of holograms and other counterfeit-prevention technologies • Outsourced communication operations, etc.

Commercial printing

Providing total solutions as a business partner in marketing communication activities

Commercial Printing

• Posters • Catalogs • Pamphlets • Flyers • Direct mail • Calendars • Yearbooks • Corporate communication tools • POP materials • Gifts • Special offers • Space design and events • Promotion planning and management • Media services • Video production • Systems development and management • Outsourced communication operations, etc.

Publications printing

Developing solution businesses that meet diversifying publication needs

Publications Printing

• Weekly, monthly, and other magazines • Books • Art books • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference books • Textbooks • CDs, DVDs, Web, and other electronic publications • Publication planning and editing • Mediation services for foreign publication rights • Promotion planning and management • Advertising and alliance businesses, etc.


With FEEL as the basic concept in package creation, we offer packages that communicate comfort


• Flexible packages • Molded plastic products • Paper containers • Paper liquid containers • Cups • Labels • Cardboard containers • Information storage media • Development and production of packing materials and high-performance functional components • Development and production of packaging system devices • Outsourced and contract filling operations • Product planning and consulting, etc.

Functional Product and Energy Related

Contributing to the environment and the field of energy by applying printing and coating technology

Functional Product and Energy Related

• Solar cell backsheets • Molded plastic products for electronic devices • Materials for recording information • Components for secondary batteries

Industrial materials

Comfortable living spaces offering greater safety and security

Industrial Materials

• 101 brand series • Decorative paper/film • Wallpaper • Flooring materials • Interior design materials • Decorative panels • Space coordination, etc.

Display Related

Advanced technical capabilities for comprehensive electronics industry support

Display Related

• LCD color filters • LR film • AG film • Electromagnetic wave shield mesh for plasma displays

Semiconductor Related

Advanced technical capabilities for comprehensive electronics industry support

Semiconductor Related

• Semiconductor photomasks • Contracted LSI design • Device OEM