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Apr 06, 2015

Toppan Printing develops 3D copper touch panel module for automotive displays
- Capacitive touch panel for 3D curved surface developed. Integration of display screen and control panel possible. -
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toppan Printing; Head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President & Representative Director: Shingo Kaneko) has developed a capacitive 3D copper touch panel module for automotive displays.
Toppan will proceed with evaluations such as reliability tests, while sample shipments are scheduled to begin in July 2015.
With Toppan’s microscopic copper mesh wiring technologies, this product supports multi-touch with high-sensitivity through the resin cover of automotive displays and enables operations such as swipe, pinch-in and pinch-out. Furthermore, with technological cooperation from Wonder Future Corporation (Head office: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture; President & Representative Director: Koki Fukuda), copper touch sensor film has been successfully molded into a 3D curved surface and modularized. This modularization makes a wider range of applications possible. For example, the sensor film can be incorporated into the center console. Circuits of the display screen and control panel are integrated in this product, which can contribute to improved design for the center console.

This product will be exhibited and demonstrated in the Toppan Printing booth at the 6th FilmTech Japan expo, which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center from April 8 to 10, 2015.

Conceptual image of 3D copper touch panel module under development for automotive displays
In addition to personal computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices, the applications of touch panels are expected to expand to new fields, such as tablets for business use and displays for education and automobiles.
To meet such needs, Toppan develops capacitive copper touch panel modules consisting of IC controllers and touch sensor film with copper wiring patterns. Toppan has supplied small to mid-scale (from 10-inch to 27-inch) versions of these products as well as a 55-inch multi-purpose model.

Toppan has developed copper touch panel modules with touch sensor film formed on a 3D curved surface for automotive displays, a market in which significant expansion is anticipated due to the rapid adoption of IT in automobiles. This product supports multi-touch functions with high sensitivity through the resin cover of automotive displays and enables operations such as swipe, pinch-in and pinch-out. As this sensor film has much lower impedance than materials such as ITO, it is more suitable for automotive applications due to its high sensitivity and noise resistance.

-Features of 3D copper touch panel modules
Multi-touch for automotive displays
Multi-touch for automotive displays is achieved with copper wiring as impedance has been drastically reduced (0.01 ohms per square). This makes stress-free touch panel operation similar to that of a smartphone possible.

High sensitivity provides smooth operability and outstanding noise resistance 
The superior sensitivity of this product supports smooth operability through the resin cover of automotive displays. It also demonstrates excellent noise resistance.

3D curved surface achieved and integration of display screen and control panel possible
With the 3D curved surface of an 8-inch LCD prototype, the radius of curvature for the resin cover panel is up to R1500mm on the short side and R60mm on the long side. In addition, the circuits of the display screen and control panel are integrated, contributing to improved design for the center console.

-Specifications of 3D copper touch panel module
Type: Projected capacitive
Liquid-crystal display size: 8-inch 
Component parts: Resin cover, copper touch sensor film, IC controller
*Please consult Toppan for other shapes and/or sizes. 

-Future developments
Toppan Printing will undertake sample shipments of this new touch panel module in July 2015, targeting sales of 3 billion yen for FY2017 for automotive display applications such as center consoles. Toppan will also push forward with development of 3D curved surface touch pads utilizing the same technologies and look to expand applications to game console controllers and other areas of the amusement sector.

Toppan Printing will continue to develop touch panel modules with higher performance and quality.


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