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Oct 05, 2010

The development of an NFC compliant, high-function contactless IC card
with a high-definition, full-color liquid crystal display
- Enabling expression such as colorful coupon displays that
were not possible with previous IC cards -

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toppan Printing; head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shingo Kaneko), has developed an NFC compliant (*1), high-function contactless IC card that has a high-definition, full-color liquid crystal display. As a concept model for next-generation IC cards, this card will be displayed in the Toppan booth at FIT2010 (Forum on Information Technology 2010) which will be held at the Tokyo International Forum from October 7. (Organized by The Japan Financial News Co., Ltd.)

With previous contactless IC cards there has been an issue with the fact that the information on the card cannot be readily checked. Now, by mounting a display and building a battery into the IC card, it has become possible to check the information on the card with just the card alone.
With this IC card, it is possible to display in an instant the balance on the IC chip, points, or coupons with colorful designs on the built-in high-definition, full-color LCD. This makes possible various applications that were not possible with previous IC cards such as campaigns using colorful designs and expansion to the amusement sector for electronic tickets and games. The card is NFC compliant and use can be anticipated in a wide range of systems as it is compatible with Type A, Type B and FeliCa. Control keys are also installed on the card, enabling simple switching between screens.

Toppan Printing will push forward with development including slimmer cards, improved batteries and video functions, and will aim to start mass production in fiscal 2011, targeting cards for transport companies, and members’ cards and point cards for the distribution and amusement industries.

NFC compliant, high-function contactless IC card with a high-definition, full-color liquid crystal display
Copyright 2010 TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD.

-In recent years, due to their ease of use, contactless IC cards have been widely introduced for use in industries such as transport and distribution.
-However, because there have not been display functions on previous contactless IC cards, special devices installed in shops have had to be used to check the balance or points on a card and not being able to perform a simple check has been an issue.
-Recently, contactless IC cards have become widespread in numerous industries including distribution and transport. In order for companies to promote use of their own cards, it has become necessary to differentiate them from competitors by adding functions or creating original designs.
-In order to resolve these issues, Toppan Printing has mounted a full-color LCD onto the IC card and developed a concept model that targets the provision of more advanced and convenient services to consumers.

-Mounted with a full-color LCD. It is possible to display not just figures but higher definition information such as colorful coupons and character images on an easy-to-view screen.
-Control keys are installed on the card. Operations such as switching between screens are simple.
-It is possible to include various functions such as electronic payment, balance and use history, points, electronic money, entry tickets, and displays of advertising.
-Differentiation is possible by giving the IC card a high-quality or premium look.

Detailed functions
-Size: Height 54.0 mm x width 86.0 mm x thickness 3.9 mm
-Weight: Around 25g
-Display: 2.2 inch full-color liquid crystal display (Resolution: 320x240 dot)
-Communication method: NFC compatible (Type A, Type B, FeliCa compatibility possible)
-Power source: Built-in primary battery (replaceable)

Potential customers
Supermarkets, department stores, amusement and game industries, transport companies etc.

Future developments
Toppan Printing will push forward with the improvement of features such as the built-in battery, look at making video and other functions possible, and plan to start mass production in fiscal 2011.

*1 NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short distance wireless communication standard that uses a 13.56MHz band frequency.
*2 FeliCa is a technology developed by and a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

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